Welcome to the “Island of Ice Cream”, an ancient Sicilian pastry shop, a place where dessert is an art handed down from generation to generation by the Saporito family. Our recipes have their roots in the centuries-old tradition of the island, expertly mixing local ingredients with Arab, Norman and Spanish influences. Every dessert you find here is a testimony to our passion for quality and authenticity. Come and discover, on our website or by visiting us in Via Roma 15 in Oliveri (a charming town at the foot of the Tindari sanctuary), the flavor and tradition that come together in irresistible desserts with a unique character. Our desserts tell stories of sun-kissed lands and culinary influences that mix in an enchanting mixture. From the fragrance of cannoli to the richness of cassata, passing through the colors and scents of almond pastries, each creation is a celebration of our passion for confectionery excellence. Try to taste a piece of Sicily, prepared with love and skill according to recipes handed down from generation to generation.

Tindaro Saporito

Since 1962 with you to make you enjoy Sicily